Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stay Fit Year Around

Hey girls, my name is Allie! I’m another writer here at Retro Splash, and I’ll be posting on how to stay fit, beautiful and healthy all year long with some ways to keep active and healthy, plus lots of beauty tips!

Since spring and summer are almost here, we’ve all been thinking about that beach-ready body we want so badly. A great way to stay motivated is to train for a triathlon, or organized run. These events can be extremely fun with a great atmosphere, and usually at the end you get a goodie bag… filled with power bars and sometimes even a t-shirt! Grab a few friends and start training for one that is best for your fitness level. A great goal for many girls is the 5k (3 mile) run. The website has an excellent training plan to help even the least athletic person start running 3 miles regularly. ( click here to get directed to the page.)Following the plan will not only get you ready for a 5k event by April or May, the pre-made workouts will help keep you off the couch!



Belle said...

ahhh! after swimming seasons ends I'm definitely going to be relying on your posts to keep me in shape. xD'

Camila said...

i liked here (:
added to my faves ;)

electroclash said...
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electroclash said...

Lovely blog!
I love this song too..

I'll be coming back to your blog to check up on fitness posts =] haha so I'm going to add you to my favourites.

And yes,
that was my comment that got awkwardly deleted =/
Sorry about that.