Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscars in Review

With the recent end of the writer's strike and absence of blockbuster nominations (unless you qualitf Juno), many were questioning if the Oscars were even going to take place. The uncertainty did, to an extent, put a damper on the dress choices for this year's event but that isn't necessarily a bad thing; the colors were in most cases the only thing that was subdued. Red was a prominent color and H. Stein jewelery bedecked many a neck, wrist, or ears. Overall celebrations were just as fashionable as expected of the event. Some things I noticed about the Oscars, and not just the outfits:

1) Every man dressed the same to me. It sucks for guys and black tie events. I feel bad.
2) Daniel Day Lewis' wife's dress was ridiculous in a bad way. Heinous. Christian Lacroix Haute couture? I'm surprised. It's not haute. It's ugly couture. Red ribbons and big jewels... so distracting and don't compliment her at all.
3) Lots of babies, eh?
4) Rude sound crew! Let award winners have their say, if you please.
5) And There Will Be Blood & No Country for Old Men were filmed across from each other, and as it turns out had the same amount (or about) nominations. I wanted to mute the nomination annoucements after awhile; I got sick of hearing them constantly. I haven't even seen them yet...I'm going to have to force myself, with all the awards they've been given.

My favorite looks (in no particular order):

1) Marion Coutillard in Gaultier Paris Haute Couture. She's like a gorgeous French mermaid. How I adore. Congrats on the best actress award.
2) Jennifer Garner in Oscar de la Renta.
3) Katherine Heighl always has amazing red carpet looks. I guess I'm biased though because she could look beautiful in a bag and I love Grey's Anatomy. But still. That color is fabulous on her, no? Escada dress.
4) Amy Adams in Proenza Schouler, she reminded me of pin-up girls and Jessica Rabbit. In a good way.
5) Keri Russell in Nina Ricci. I swear she had more detailing in her dress at the corset, maybe I'm seeing things. Nevertheless she looked like a princess. I couldn't take my eyes of her.

Looks to note: Nicole Kidman had gorgeous, beautiful, lustworthy jewelery that made her look, stealing the show from her black and perfect Balenciaga black dress. I was amazed that she was pregnant; she looked like her usual skinny doll-like self.

Anne Hathaway always wears red. This time Marchesa, but it's still red. Eh. Renee Zellweger looked phenomenal in her Carolina Herrera dress and short locks. It looks like she lost a substantial amount of weight as well, this is probably my favorite red carpet appearance of hers. No pursed lips! At least, not enough to make me want to kick her. Jessica Alba also wore Marchesa but I wasn't liking it very much. It looked like she took a dust catcher broom and wraped it around her chest.

Well, what were your favorite looks? The looks you hated? Disappointed or overjoyed? Give us your insight and comments, ladies and gents!

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Zoƫ said...

i dont get it....why did you make a new blog?

WendyB said...

I so agree with you on winners getting cut off. It's too extreme....the producers have to use more judgment. The speeches shouldn't go on too long but they shouldn't be totally ruined either. I was so happy they let the girl from Once come back.

Belle said...

zoe: this is technically a collaboration blog; my other blog is more personal. think of this as a magazine.

wendy: I know! I was so annoyed about their impatience. My friend and I would take a sip of soda every time someone got cut off, we ended up having two and a half cans each.

ChiliLady said...

The best oscar review on a fashion blog that I red so far!

Belle said...

Thanks so much! *is a bit blogstar-struck*