Monday, March 24, 2008

Did you just seriously eat a pop tart??

Imagine a lunch room.... A busy cafeteria with tons of girls and guys. In one corner there are the skinnypreps, the footballs players, and the cheerleaders. In another the bookworms and the geeks. Now imagine just the average girls talking and hanging out. None of them are eating a thing. To them this is an every day thing. No one says anything about it, because they do it everyday. It is dismissed. This is a common scene in most middle school and high school cafeterias today. Girls starve them selves to be and stay thin. As a student myself, i think i can identify the problems. .

Models and the Catwalk:
You see those super thin models on the catwalk and you think you need to be like that. These girls are famous, mostly because of how thin they are and what they do. So ok, you become that thin then yhou become rich and succesful? No. Girls have serious misconceptions about the modeling industry. It is cut throat industry. The models are that thin so that you buy the clothes thinking you will look that good too.First of all, you will not look like that. Second of all, they look like they are sick. No one needs to look like that.

"I must be as skinny as she is. . .":
Another identifable problem is that girls are mean. If your fat, your going to get made fun of. Girls peer preesure each other in to being anorexic. It might not be noticeable, but it is there. There might be one girl who is perfect, and all the other girls want to be like her. Without knowing it, this one girl has caused maybe 15 to become very aware of what they eat.Girls need to learn to accept their bodies. Everyone has a different shape.

"Do you have an 00 jeans?":
A problem I notice is girls set a goal for themselves.They reach this goal, but it's not enough. They push themselves. They push their weight down farther and farther. Mainly they set these goals so they can be a certain size. But then it becomes a competition to see who can eat the least and weigh the least. They push each other. 10 pounds in dropped. Then 20 pounds.Girls flaunt their small sizes to each other. It is a chain reaction.

all I can really say is to eat and be happy.You were made special and unique. Not everyone is the same. Stay actively fit and your great! Being a 0 isn't a size, it's a warning sign.

Written by: Jenny


R said...

Thats so cool how you have music, How do you get music on your blog, is it free at that imeem place?

♥ fashion chalet said...
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♥ fashion chalet said...

Great article. Eating what you like can actually keep you trim, it's the avoiding of it that in the end makes you crave it that much more, causing an unnecessary binge. Great blog! :)

PS: I love pop tarts for breakfast! especially the Vanilla Milkshake one :)